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Containment Liners

EnviroCon will supply and install a liner system that best meets the project requirements in terms of durability, chemical resistance, and aesthetics. Each project is custom installed by EnviroCon’s field technicians to ensure the best fit possible.

Leak detection piping can also be installed to verify the continuity of the liner system. We work with our customers to offer several alternative solutions based on pricing and schedule requirements to ensure complete satisfaction.

Primary Containment applications include:

  • Welded Steel Tanks
  • Bolted Steel Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Concrete Vaults
  • Concrete Sumps
  • Earthen and Concrete Pond Liners

Secondary Containment applications include:

  • Tank Ringwalls
  • Earthen and Concrete Containment Dikes
  • Foundation & Slab Liners (above and below)

 Secondary Containment


Fabric Formed Concrete Lining Systems are used to construct a wide range of engineering systems to provide increased performance in erosion control, scour protection, foundation, environmental, and marine construction applications. Fabric Formed Concrete is a highly engineered textile, fabricated into custom panel sections and patterns. The custom panels are then pumped full of high-strength flow-able concrete which sets up into a uniformly patterned concrete lining system. The panels can be placed and filled either underwater or in-the-dray. This filled-in-place fabric to accommodate uneven contours, curves, and subgrades. In doing so, the soil and the concrete protection are in contact, reducing the chance of any underscouring.

Fabric Formed Concrete Linings can also be used in conjunction with geosynthetic liners to protect and reduce mechanical damage, exposure to UV light, and freeze-thaw cycles. These self-supporting, high-strength linings permit construction on steep side slopes and replace the conventional use of clay or sand as liner protection. Placement of the forms and concrete filling can be performed without the use of equipment on the liner. The tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the fabric protect the liner from the pumped concrete. They provide erosion-resistant, permeable concrete linings for the following;

Concrete Lining applications include:

  •         Channel and Canal Linings
  •         Check Dams
  •         Bridge Scour Protection  
  •         Shoreline Protection
  •         Underwater Pipeline Covers
  •         Slope Protection
  •         Access Roads and Low-Water Crossings
  •         Dam/Spillway Overflow Protection
  •         Stream and River Bank Stabilization

Fabric Formed Concrete  


Innovative Quality Control

Founded in 1995, EnviroCon Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellent service and innovative containment solutions for Environmental, Industrial, Architectural, Commercial, and Agricultural applications.

In addition EnviroCon offers a full service pipe and welding fabrication division for prefabrication of stock items or onsite custom fabrication for specialty applications.