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Quality Control

EnviroCon Systems, Incorporated has developed a Construction Quality Control (CQC) program designed to ensure that the highest quality standards are met during installation.

Upon bid acceptance, EnviroCon will request a preconstruction meeting be scheduled. All parties responsible for all or part of the work to be completed should be represented. The purpose of this meeting is to open lines of communication and identify roles and responsibilities throughout the construction process.

Topics of discussion during this meeting include:

  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Review of safety requirements
  • Review the responsibility of each party
  • Clarification of any inconsistencies between the project specifications and the EnviroCon CQC guide
  • Review the construction schedule and discuss milestones
  • Introduce the Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) party and establish an agreement concerning Quality Assurance procedures
  • Identify testing requirements with verification by the CQA party
  • Conduct a site walk to determine site readiness and determine how the installation will progress
  • Discuss final project acceptance procedures

EnviroCon Testing
EnviroCon CQC procedures include a variety of tests which are conducted based on individual project applications following installation.

Non-Destructive Testing
EnviroCon CQC requires that 100% of welded seams be tested non-destructively. All wedge welded seams are tested using the air pressure testing method. Extrusion welds are tested utilizing either vacuum testing or spark testing. Spark testing uses a copper wire embedded in the weld to allow a Holiday Spark Test of the completed weld.

Destructive Testing
Dependent on the type of weld application and material surface, EnviroCon CQC procedures may call for destructive testing. Destructive testing involves random samples cut from site welds to determine seam strength and bonding efficiency. The test results are used to gauge long-term seam durability. EnviroCon also performs pre-weld testing on trial welds which are made under conditions similar to site welds. These tests are used to verify that seaming conditions are adequate and the equipment settings are accurate before site welding begins.

Specialized Testing
In certain applications, EnviroCon CQC requires specialized testing. Conductive liner can be employed in highly sensitive installations allowing for Spark Testing of 100% of the lined surface area. EnviroCon recommends hydrostatic testing of all completed Primary Containment applications. Upon completion of testing, a Certificate of Acceptance is signed by the customer for project satisfaction and the EnviroCon CQC manual and/or material and installation warranties are provided to the customer for their records.

Innovative Quality Control

Founded in 1995, EnviroCon Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellent service and innovative containment solutions for Environmental, Industrial, Architectural, Commercial, and Agricultural applications.

In addition EnviroCon offers a full service pipe and welding fabrication division for prefabrication of stock items or onsite custom fabrication for specialty applications.