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EnviroCon geosynthetic liners are installed using T-Lock.  T-Lock is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) extruded anchoring system designed to provide an embedded attachment to concrete for HDPE liner.  EnviroCon T-Lock is designed to embed in any face of new cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete construction and can be fabricated to fit around shapes and corners.

Any thickness of HDPE liner can be welded to EnviroCon T-Lock.  If unexpectedly high tensile loads are experienced by the liner, the liner is designed to yield before the T-Lock will fail or pull out of the concrete.

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Innovative Quality Control

Founded in 1995, EnviroCon Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellent service and innovative containment solutions for Environmental, Industrial, Architectural, Commercial, and Agricultural applications.

In addition EnviroCon offers a full service pipe and welding fabrication division for prefabrication of stock items or onsite custom fabrication for specialty applications.